Willy Wonka Jr. Was a Hit for Sangster Musical Theatre

By Erin Gayzik
Photo Gallery
April 03, 2024

The school production of Willy Wonka Jr. brought magic, music, and pure imagination to the stage, captivating audiences of all ages. From the colorful set design to the talented cast of young performers, the show was a delightful treat for both the performers and the audience members.

Behind the scenes, dedicated teachers, parents, and volunteers worked tirelessly to bring Roald Dahl's beloved story to life. From auditions to rehearsals to costume fittings, the journey to opening night was filled with hard work, laughter, and creativity. The students not only honed their acting and singing skills but also learned valuable lessons about teamwork, dedication, and the power of storytelling.

As the curtains closed on the final performance, the cast and crew were proud of their accomplishment and the memories they had created together. 

Willy Wonka Jr. Pictures