Fifth Grade AAP Supply List 2021-2022

5th Grade AAP Supply List  2021-2022

Printable 5th AAP Supply List

Last name A-K:

1            Box of Gallon Size Ziplock Bags


Last name L-Z:

1            Box of Quart Size Ziplock Bags



All Students:

1            Headphones OR Earbuds

1            Expo Markers – Fine Tip, any color

1            Pencil Pouch or box in which to keep school supplies

2           #2 Pre-Sharpened Pencils 12ct

5            Plastic Two Pocket Folder Asst : red, yellow, blue, green, orange

1            Composition book

1            Clorox Wipes

1            Scissors Straight 7” Rubber Grip

1            Pink or White Eraser Latex-free

1            Pencil Sharpener 2 Hole w/Shavings Case

1            Papermate Flair (preferred) or ball point Pen Blue 

1            Papermate Flair (preferred) or ball point Pen Green

1            5-Subject Spiral with Pocket Dividers

2            Glue Stick Jumbo Permanent, Washable White 1.26oz 

2            Highlighter - Chisel Tip (yellow and blue; OR just two different colors) 

1            Pre-Sharpened 7” Colored Pencils 12ct OR Crayola Fine Point Markers 10ct

1            Ruler Plastic Standard Metric 12”

1            Clear Protractor

1            Deck of Playing Cards

1            Die or set of dice (This can be from a game at home)

1            Hand Sanitizer

1            Kleenex Tissues

1            3.x3 Post-it Notes

1            Black sharpie

1            Crayola Markers Fine Point 10ct


$5         Classroom Magazines Fee – To be paid using My School Bucks beginning August 23rd.

  1. Go to My School or you may use the MSB link on the Sangster webpage.
  2. Add your child by school & student ID or birthday; a confirmation email will be sent.
  3. Pay your child’s fee using a credit or debit card, or e-check. There are no extra fees.