First Grade Team

First grade is a time of tremendous growth, curiosity, and wonder. Throughout the year students practice: phonics, language structure, meaning clues, story elements, vocabulary, recalling personal knowledge/experience, retelling fiction and non-fiction, and following oral directions. They write in response to reading, story sequencing, and applying knowledge of letter-sound relationships. In math they count, estimate, practice number recognition, place value, addition and subtraction, fractions, money, telling time, calendar, shapes and solids, symmetry, temperature, weight, and measurement.

Students inquire about the world around them through hypothesizing, predicting, observing, and recording. They conduct investigations on force and motion, how things interact with water, plants, animals, relationship of the Earth and Sun, seasonal changes, and ecology.

Students study people and their contributions, national holidays, geography, map skills, and economics.

Each day we utilize technology, critical and creative thinking skills, and collaborative groups.

Meet Our First Grade Team