School History

  • a photo of sangster elementary in 1988The original inhabitants of Sangster Branch were members of the Dogue Taux tribe, an Algonquin speaking tribe of Native Americans. The Sangster name goes back over 200 years. Thomas Sangster’s name appears on deeds as an appraiser of property throughout the 1770s and 1780s. There was also a Judge James Sangster who was a Fairfax County judge from 1874-1875. He lived in the area and is buried in the Old Lee Chapel Cemetery. Prior to the Civil War, Sangster Station was a regular stop on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad. Sangster Elementary opened its doors in 1988.
  • Sangster’s mascot is the Falcon. Our official school colors are royal blue and gold. The royal blue represents Washington Irving and the gold is a nod to Lake Braddock. They are the two schools that our sixth graders will attend in middle school.