Sixth Grade Team

The sixth graders at Sangster pack in a rigorous and distinctive year as they wrap up their elementary education. In addition to instruction, the students look forward to grade level t-shirts, a team building trip to the Edge, community service activities, the year ending promotion ceremony, and so much more. Strong emphasis is placed on higher level thinking, and critical and creative processing in all subjects with technology embedded throughout. The sixth graders are well prepared for middle school. As with all teams at our school, the sixth grade team works collaboratively to plan and assess students and to provide enrichment and intervention.

In Language Arts, students work on-

  • Organization in writing
  • Grammar and mechanics
  • Reading comprehension skills
  • Research
  • Oral speaking skills

In Math, students focus on

  • Integers
  • Algebraic Experssions
  • Geometry and measurement
  • More complex problem-solving and practical problems

Science will explore:

  • Solar System
  • Weather Patterns
  • Chemistry Basics
  • Energy Sources

Social Studies will explore:

  • United States History to 1865

Sixth Grade SOL Tests:

  • Reading
  • Mathematics


Meet Our Sixth Grade Team

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