Grade 6 March Update

Monthly News- 6th Grade
February 27, 2020

Sixth Grade News for March!

Language Arts:

Readers will explore different online and print resources to help them in their research projects.  They will form questions to explore different areas of history (from Native Americans through the American Revolution) and create a Museum Exhibit.  We will meet with ongoing Guided Reading groups to remediate and enrich our units of study.  



6th Grade Math - We are working on determining the proportional relationships between two quantities. 

Advanced Math – We will continue to work on Geometry, with a focus on quadrilaterals, to include transformations and how to use proportionality when solving problems.



We are investigating and understanding the importance of protecting and maintaining water resources.


Social Studies:

We will be focused on our Constitution Unit: learning about the development of our new nation along with the first five presidents.


In the Know

3/3 – Teacher Workday – No School for Students

3/5 – Interims sent home

3/16 –Museum Exhibits – we will visit other 6th grade classrooms