Grade 4 January Update

December 17, 2019

Language Arts--This month students will investigate the genre of narrative non-fiction. The purpose of narrative non-fiction is to inform readers in an entertaining way. Students will recognize the elements of characters, plot, setting, and story language as they read informational facts. Students will also engage in discussions to see how narrative non-fiction pieces combine the elements of fiction and non-fiction.

Student will continue to capture their creativity in their writing journals and work to organize their thinking within their writings. 

Math--Throughout the month of January, 4th grade mathematicians extend their understandings of fractions and place value to begin developing an understanding of decimal numbers. They will use models to compare and order decimals and find decimal and fraction equivalents. Students will apply their understandings of whole number addition and subtraction to adding and subtracting decimal numbers. They will continue to use estimation and properties of operations to improve their computational efficiency. 4th grade mathematicians will apply all of these skills to solve various types of multistep practical problems involving addition and subtraction.

Advanced math students will begin their Adding and Subtracting Fractions unit.    Fraction number sense concepts are reinforced and applied to computation and problem solving. Students add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers both with and without regrouping.  They will solve practical problems with fractions that involve both single and multiple steps.

Virginia Studies—During the month of January, our student historians will move into the 1700’s and discover the causes for the Revolutionary War, how it impacted Virginians, and what the United States’ victory meant for the colonists. Students will also begin to create deeper connections to historical figures like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, both Famous Americans that they’ve studied in previous years.

Science-Students will become meteorologists this month, as we continue our Weather and Beyond Unit. They will learn to measure aspects of the atmosphere and put it into a daily weather report for the class chart and they will learn how to analyze weather graphs to determine trends and to make predictions about future weather. They will observe and identify types of clouds and will research various types of storms. We will enrich our learning with a Project Based Learning experience. Students will be tasked with the question, “How can you, as a meteorologist inform people of current and future extreme weather conditions so the public can be prepared and stay safe?”

Important Dates This Month:

Jan 6th– First day back to school after Winter Break

Jan 20th – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No School)

Jan 24th – End of the 2nd Quarter

Jan 27th & 28th – Teacher Workdays– (No School)