Grade 2 March Update

Monthly News - 2nd Grade
February 27, 2020

2nd Grade Scoop: March 2019

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Reading Essential Question:

What might the author really be trying to say?

Why might the author have written this poem?

What might the author want me to learn?


Comprehension Skill Focus:

I can predict, look at pictures, and ask questions to enhance my understanding.



Oral Language Focus: Finish Poetry

•I can read my own writing to others with expression, I am beginning to show voice in my writing!

•I can write a fiction story.



Standards covered:

3 digit addition & subtraction, patterns and forms of writing numbers

DREAMBOX – Keep using your Dream Box and keep up the terrific practice


Word Study


Word Study Skills:

•How do word endings make different words?

•Always focus on patterns.




Writing Focus:

Using skills previously learned we will write poems.




Standards covered:

Finish Wondering About Weather

Begin Matter and Forces! (Learning about the states of matter and different machines.)


Social Studies

Standards covered: Economics and Explorers: Why do people want to explore new lands? What resources do people need to settle in new lands?   




Happenings this month.

No School & Election: March 3rd


Positivity Project Post:

March Focus:

Cheering Others Success, Love of Learning, Forgiveness, Fairness


Read Across America


March 2: “My Many Colored Days” Wear favorite color!

March 4: “Oh the Places You’ll Go” Wear the name of a travel destination.

March 5: “Sneetches” Wear something with stars on it.

March 6: “Sleep Book” Pajama day, bring a small flashlight to read by.