Grade 1 March Update

Monthly News- 1st Grade
March 03, 2020

Welcome to first grade! Check back in each month to see what we are doing!


First graders will be beginning an animal research unit. Students will be able to choose an animal of their interest and complete research through technology outlets, books, and articles. They will put their findings about the animal’s habitat, diet, predators, and traits together into a non-fiction book. They will be sharing their writings with others in the class so that they can all learn about various animals. We are very excited for this interesting unit!

In math we will be beginning our fraction unit. We will be understanding the concept of equal shares. All fractions start with a whole object being shared equally. Students will be practicing partitioning objects into equal parts. We will understand that halves is a whole divided into two equal parts and that fourths is a whole divided into four equal parts. We will be mastering these skills with much hands-on practice and discussion.

During science we will be studying animal characteristics and needs. We will learn that all animals need air, water, shelter, and food in order to survive. We will learn the difference between domestic and wild animals. We will also be able to determine what type of covering different animals have – birds have feathers and lions have fur.   

Even though spring is on the horizon, we will still have some chilly days. First graders go outside for recess any time we are able, so please remember to always send your child to school in appropriate outdoor clothing.  


Upcoming Important Dates :

March 2-6 – Read Across America Week

March 3 – No School / Teacher PD Day

March 8 – Daylight Saving Time Begins

March 12 – 120th Day of School Celebration

March 26 – Science Fair