Third Grade October Newsletter

Monthly News - 3rd Grade
October 12, 2020

Third Grade October Newsletter

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Readers are continuing to choose “just-right” books. We are learning about characters, their internal and external traits, and how to better understand them using empathy. Noticing character traits while we read will help us better understand character’s motivations as well as how they react to other characters. Our readers are also learning about the author’s purpose and theme of what they are reading. They are practicing looking for these things in what they are reading at home.



As authors, our third graders are using what they are learning in reading and applying this knowledge to creating personal narrative writing. Authors will be choosing a topic to write about and then will go through the writing process in order to create a strong personal narrative.



We will continue with Unit 1: Addition and Subtraction part 1. Students are learning to add and subtract with regrouping, round numbers, estimate when adding and subtracting, and determine the relationship between addition and subtraction with fact families.

Our next unit is Multiplication and Division Part 1, where students will begin to develop an understanding of multiplication and division and apply strategies for basic multiplication facts and related division facts. 

Social Studies/Science

We are wrapping up our Civics Unit and have learned about rules and laws, rights and responsibilities of citizens, and the purpose of government. Next we will be starting our first science unit, which is all about ecosystems.