Specialist September Spotlight

September 11, 2020

spotlightSpecialist Spotlight

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We are thrilled to be back in the classroom with your children!  Even though it is a virtual setting, each specialist is working to find the best way to bring art, literature, movement, languages and creativity into the day. Each month you will receive a short “blurb” here about each specialization.  If you are looking for more information, your child will have access to a Google Site and/or Google Classroom for more information.  At the bottom of this newsletter is a link to a “landing page” for all specialists.  You must be logged in with your child’s fcpsschools account to access the site.  Bookmark the site for easy access.


raise handsCounselor’s Corner

Mrs. Railan & Mrs. Augenstein are visiting Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades once a week and grades 3-6 once a month to provide social emotional learning lessons. We are starting by reviewing our counseling roles and how students can connect with us. Next, we will explore a variety of feelings through the Zones of Regulation.  Please check out our website for events and resources for parents.

Catch Up With




Check out the Art Class Website to find information about art supplies, how to contact your art teacher, and to learn about what we will be doing in art class this year! 

Check out the Music Website to find information for you to perform, listen, and learn about music literacy for each grade level!

Check out the Health/Physical Education Website for information on asynchronous learning opportunities.

Please try to wear comfortable clothing and shoes during class.





Welcome to a new school year! Please check out the Spanish Class section. There, you will find resources that will help you practice the target language through music videos, and games.  


We are so excited to begin the year!  Students will be using their critical and creative thinking to plan, design and engineer using the design process.  I would encourage you to start a small recycling box for students to use as they build and create this year.

5th and 6th graders Sign-up for BAND!!!   Calling all students that want to have an OUTSTANDING time learning a Band instrument and playing AWESOME music!!!  No musical experience is needed, I will teach you everything from the very beginning!!!  Advanced students (2nd  year) will be reviewing fundamentals and starting a Movie Music Unit!!! Check out the Band Page on the Specialist Site. Band classes start the week of  Sept. 22nd. Let’s Go Band!

4th, 5th and 6th graders can sign up for Strings! We are going to have an amazing time learning how to play a stringed instruments  together! We are eager  to welcome new players and excited to see returning players! Even if you have never played before, we are happy to have you and will teach you right from the beginning. Check out the Strings page on the specialists site to register. We will be starting our strings classes on Sept. 22.


From the Library

Hello Families!  As we begin this unprecedented school year, library services may look a little different, but we are still here to serve all your reading and research needs! We have a fortified, diverse collection of popular and current ebooks on MackinVIA that have been carefully selected for our school over the summer, with more arriving soon! We will continue to provide optional library activities, book recommendations, and how-to videos on the library Google site, and we will  host weekly office hours and live read alouds of both picture books and chapter books for ALL grade levels. Please check our Google site for more information and resources:  https://tinyurl.com/sangsterlibrary  ( log in with your student’s fcpsschools.net account)

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." -- Albert Einstein


 Where to Go

Use the Sangster Specialist Site to access more information about the specials classroom.  http://bit.ly/specialsangster