Second Grade September Newsletter

By Second Grade September Newsletter
Monthly News - 2nd Grade
September 14, 2020

Second Grade September Newsletter

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This month, we will be working on building a community of readers. Students will learn the structure and routines of Reader’s Workshop and work on building their stamina when reading independently. 

Students will be identifying books, authors, and genres that they enjoy reading while also exploring new types of books and genres. They will also be making connections to the characters in the stories they read.

Consider logging on MyOn with your child and asking them about the types of books they love and why. 



Throughout September, we will be working to learn the structures and routines of Writer’s Workshop. Our goal is to plan, draw, and write each day. Just like in reading, each day we will be working to increase our writing stamina!

Help set your child up for success by having a writing folder and/or notebook for him/her to record his/her writing and ideas. Consider looking through you child’s writing and asking about different entries. Do not worry about making corrections at this time. Instead, celebrate your child’s effort and great ideas



This month, students will be working on adding and subtracting whole numbers to build their fluency of basic facts up to 20. 

We will be working on counting forwards by twos, fives, and tens to 120, starting at various multiples of 2, 5, or 10. Students will also be working on counting backwards by tens from 120.


Helpful Links for Additional Practice:

  • ST Math
  • DreamBox

Important Dates

  • September 15: Back to School Night 


Positivity Project

This year, Sangster will continue implementing the Positivity Project (P2). P2 is dedicated to empowering America’s youth to build strong relationships and to understand, appreciate, and exemplify the character strengths in us all. 

Every 1-2 weeks, students learn about a new character strength. This is the fourth year that Sangster has been a P2 school, and every teacher will be incorporating P2 resources in their classroom in some way.

The site P2 For Families (password P2) is live and available for connecting P2 to students’ homes. It is differentiated for grades Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Each character strength follows a 1-1-3 model: 1 quote, 1 video, and 3 questions to drive conversations around character at home.


Social Studies

This month, students will be learning about the traits of being a good citizen. This will include how they can improve their school and community environments, and how they can be respectful and responsible.



This month, students will be learning about plants and animals and the changes they go through as they grow. They will also be exploring their habitats and learning about reasons why their habitats change over time.


Helpful Tips for Setting Up a “Classroom”

1.Identify a Space 

2.Gather Materials 

3.Create a Schedule 

4.Turn off T.V. and Mute Phones 

5.Post Work and Art 

6.Provide Positive Reinforcement 

Click Home Learning Environment for more details.