Second Grade October Newsletter

Monthly News - 2nd Grade
October 12, 2020

Second Grade October Newsletter

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Important Dates

  • October 12 - School Planning Day/ Student Holiday
  • October 30 - End of Quarter 1


This month, we will begin a new reading unit on characters. Students will learn how to follow characters, developing ideas about how and why characters grow and change throughout a book.

Students will learn how good readers interpret messages or lessons that authors convey and discuss what they think about those messages. Students will explore perspectives that are included and those that are absent in texts. 

As your child reads, encourage him or her to ask questions about the character or lesson learned. For example, do characters always learn something or change in stories? How is the character’s perspective similar or different than mine?


This month, we will begin a new writing unit on personal narrative (also known as “small moments”).  In this unit, students will learn how to gather writing ideas by reflecting on their own daily personal experiences. Sometimes students may feel as though they do not have experiences to write about. In this case, support your child by pointing out everyday occurrences that could serve as starting points for personal narratives. Stories are everywhere in their lives, and you may need to point this out!


This month, students will continue to work on adding and subtracting whole numbers to build their fluency of basic facts up to 20.

Students will also begin our next unit on our base ten number system. Students will be learning to read, write and identify the place and value of digits in a 2 digit number with and with models.

Students will also be working on comparing whole numbers up to 99 and rounding 2-digit numbers to the nearest ten.

Social Studies

This month, students will learn to use maps and globes of the world and the United States. Students will also be able to locate the seven continents and five oceans, the equator, Prime Meridian, and four hemispheres. And lastly, students will be able to identify important features and landmarks in the USA.


This month, students will be learning about plants and animals and the changes they go through as they grow. They will also be exploring their habitats and learning about reasons why their habitats change over time.

Positivity Project

Throughout the month of October, students will learn about multiple character strengths. This includes, open-mindedness, having an other people matter mindset, forgiveness, and creativity.

Here are some resources that you can view and share with your child.


Jarvis the Jelly - What are some ways Yasmin showed open-mindedness?

Other People Matter:

How To Be a Good Listener -  How can you show someone you are listening to them?


Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile - Have you ever needed to forgive someone? How did that make you feel?


Imagine what it would be like to be a superhero! Write a short story about that superhero and an adventure that they have. You will need to use your creativity to come up with a brand new idea and make it exciting.

Helpful Links For Additional Practice:


  • ST Math
  • Dreambox

Language Arts:

  • Imagine Language
  • MyOn

All of these websites can be found on the Sangster Student Links Page