October Specialist Spotlight

October 06, 2020

Sangster Specialist October Spotlight 

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Counselor’s Corner

Students in K-2 are exploring work habits like: ignoring distractions, whole body listening and self talk. K and 1st grades are learning about the Zones of Regulation, a system that helps students name and manage various feelings.  3rd and 5th  graders are identifying challenges and internal and external strengths and coping skills. 4th and 6th graders are learning exploring their own strengths and interests and how the skills they are building impact their futures.  

Check out the recording of the PTA meeting on Oct. 8th for Parent Tips for Virtual Learning presented by the clinical team.

Also, please visit our parent website at 


Library News

Did you know that Sangster students can access a carefully curated library of free e-Books through the school library? Students login to MackinVIA through their computer or other personal device using the website or app and browse over a thousand new and popular titles! The weblink and video tutorials can be found on our Sangster Library homepage, which will require an FCPS Google login: https://tinyurl.com/sangsterlibrary The link can also be found on our public Sangster site under the library tab.

Please contact our librarian, Nicole Oberdick at @email  with any questions. Happy reading!

PE/ Health

In the month of October, Health and Physical Education will spotlight Staying Safe and Getting Along with Others. 

In addition, we are encouraging all families to participate in Walking Wednesday. Walking Wednesday is a Fairfax County Public Schools Safe Routes to School Initiative supported by the Fairfax County Park Authority Healthy Strides Program and the Move Your Way campaign.  Please see the attached flyer for more information.  We look forward to seeing you and your family walking in the neighborhood.  


We’ve had a great start to the year in music! This month we will be working to strengthen students' understanding of how beat, rhythm, and melody go together to create a song. In grades K-2 we will be focused on identifying simple rhythms and using them to create their own musical masterpieces. Grades 3-6 will continue to reinforce and strengthen their understanding of more complex music theory to compose performable melodies.


It’s been great to see how our students are giving their best effort  to make virtual learning a positive and rewarding experience.  This month, sixth grade students will be learning and practicing vocabulary related to planet Earth. We will talk about oceans and continents in the target language. Fifth grade students will be learning and practicing vocabulary that will help them describe houses.  Students have also been working on reviewing vocabulary for colors, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, weather, and family members. 


We have had a wonderful start to STEAM this year!  Our third graders have been working with paper to make it stronger!  We have made bridges and explored structures. It has been great to see what they create! Our fourth, fifth and sixth graders have been creating 3D models using Tinkercad.  Ask your child to show you what they are designing.  Please continue to save cardboard, paper and other materials for students to use to create during STEAM time! Having tape on hand would also be very helpful!  Thanks so much.




We are off to a great start with Virtual Strings! 4th Graders are learning about their instrument and how to pluck the strings. We are reviewing notes on our D strings with the bow and working on reading music in 5th grade. In sixth grade, we are diving right in and learning to techniques and playing in different keys.  We will be making frequent use of Flipgrid so that I can see and hear the individual progress students are making on their instrument!

Please make sure that the students have  necessary materials to be successful on their instruments including a shoulder rest for violins and violas and rockstop for cellos.

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." - Plato