October Monthly News- 6th Grade

October 30, 2018

Sixth Grade News!

Language Arts— We will continue to use the writing process to maintain a Writer’s Notebook.  We are discovering about the genre of Memoir and using the writing process to draft, revise, edit, and publish their own Memoirs.  We are also participating in Book Clubs this month. 



6th Grade Math - We are working describing and comparing data using ratios, writing ratios in the appropriate notations, and investigating fractions and decimals.

 Advanced Math – We are working on proportional reasoning and functions. 


Science— We are continuing to work on our Astronomy unit.  This unit focuses on the inner and outer planets, the sun, and the moon. Our science classes will also be completing their PBL (project based learning) on starting a colony on a planet.


Social Studies— We will be finishing up our Geography unit and beginning our next unit on American Indians. This unit will include locating where the American Indians lived and describing how they used their resources.

In the Know

10/8 – Student Holiday

10/26 – Field Day