October Monthly Updates- 2nd Grade

Monthly News - 2nd Grade
October 04, 2018

Learning about Print

Essential Questions:

What does a reader do when they encounter difficulty? What are ways readers monitor themselves?

Enduring Understandings:

Understand that all visual reading work is done in order to understand the text, and a reader is more adept at solving an unknown word if meaning is in place. Understand that fluency and comprehension work to support each other


Essential Questions:

How do readers use their own experiences to understand what they are reading? How do readers get ideas about characters?

Enduring Understandings:

Understand that it is the reader’s responsibility to fill in what the text does not provide. Understand that characters are the heart of fiction and that interpreting their journey allows the reader to analyze texts and life.

Essential Questions:

In addition and subtraction, how does the order of the numbers affect the outcome? How can a number or expression be represented in multiple ways while keeping its value? How are addition and subtraction related?

Enduring Understandings:

Flexible methods of computation involve taking apart and combining numbers. For a given set of numbers there are relationships that are always true, and there are rules that govern arithmetic and algebra.

Word Study Skills:

  • Word study activities and patterns weekly differentiated for the needs of the students.

Personal Narratives

Essential Question

How do writers get ideas for personal narratives? How do writers plan for a personal narrative? How do writers elaborate while keeping the piece focused?

Enduring Understanding:

Understand that significant moments in their life illustrate larger life lessons and ideas. Understand that stories are written with a beginning, middle, and end.

Essential Questions:

How do magnets work and how can we use them?  What is matter and how can it change?

Essential Questions:

What are different ways we solve problems that happen in our classroom?

Enduring Understanding:

People respond to and resolve conflicts in many different ways.

Keep track of your reading each night on your reading log and talk about the stories you read. Do you have a connection? Each night homework is Read 10 minutes and write a sentence about what you read.

Also, please check the Homework Journal each day. J

Positivity Project Post:

Check this spot each month for an update on our “Positivity Project”.  We’ll be posting our monthly focus and showing our positivity in action!  Stay tuned!

October Focus and Character Strengths:

         Perspective      Teamwork/Citizenship

         Creativity          Bravery

Dreambox App Update: Sangster is excited to continue using Dreambox Learning to support our math skills. Fairfax County is using Clever which is an account management and sign on system.  Each student created a unique password this year. With the use of Clever, the password will be the same to open all of the software that we use here at Sangster. You can reach Dreambox by going to our Sangster homepage and then Links for Students.   If you were using the Dreambox App you will need to download the Clever App first!  

If you have issues please contact: DreamBox Learning customer support line at 1-877-451-7845 ext. 4 or emailing support@dreambox.com, Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm EST. Save the Date: Book Fair Week, Nov. 12th -17th

2nd Grade Team: Heather Ahlers, Ellen King, Melissa Kirkendall, Chris Krockel, Rachel Riddle, Jess Spunzo