November Updates

Monthly News- 6th Grade
November 11, 2018

Sixth Grade News for November!

Language Arts— We will continue to read a variety of texts such as non-fiction passages, poems, and short stories while reviewing strategies for increasing our comprehension.  Students will be publishing their Memoir stories.  We will also write about the topic of Patriotism to tie into our Veteran’s Day celebration.



6th Grade Math - We are working on multiple representations of fractions and decimals.  We are also solving single-step and multistep practical problems using all four operations with both decimals and fractions.

Advanced Math – We are working on exponents (to include negative exponents and scientific notation).  We will then move onto expressions, equations, and inequalities. 

Science— We are be presenting our PBLs on planets and then moving into our Weather Unit which includes: the Earth’s atmosphere, air masses, and weather systems and tools


Social Studies— We will be continuing with our American Indians Unit, focusing on five different tribes, how/where they lived, and how they used their resources.  We will then begin our Explorers Unit with describing aspects of European exploration including the cultural and economic interactions between Europeans and American Indians.

In the Know

11/2 – End of Quarter

11/5 & 6 – Student Holidays

11/12 – Veteran’s Day Ceremony

11/ - Report cards go home

11/21-23 – Thanksgiving Holiday