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Monthly News - 4th Grade
November 11, 2018

Language Arts

During November, students will explore and analyze poems.  They will discover the poetic tools authors use and try these tools as they write their own poems. They will explore word choice, organization, mood, and tone, and consider how these might contribute to their understanding of poems.  During Writer’s Workshop, students will write many poems, choosing meaningful topics from their lives and applying specific poetic techniques to share their message.   As students dig deeply into the heart of the poems they read and write, they will consider how poetry changes their perspective of the world.



This month students will explore the concepts of multiplication and division by using a variety of visual representations such as arrays, equal group pictures, and number lines.  Students solve problems set in real world contexts that involve composing and decomposing units into groups.

Students will estimate and determine products and quotients. Students will multiply, and divide whole numbers as they create and solve multistep practical problems. We will also review least common multiple and greatest common factor and learn about the meaning of equality.

Advanced Math

Students will have opportunities to deepen their understandings of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, while solving practical problems involving those operations. Order of operations and the distributive property of multiplication over addition are also introduced.

Virginia Studies

During the month of November, students will apply historical thinking skills to demonstrate an understanding of the first permanent English settlement in America at Jamestown.  They will consider how the geography, climate, and natural resources affected the way people lived in the Jamestown colony.  


In our current science units students are applying science process skills, including making observations and inferences.

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  • Monday & Tuesday,  November 5 & 6  – Teacher Workdays
  • Monday, November 12 – Sangster Veteran’s Day Program 9:20-10:15 am
  • Tuesday, November 13- Thanksgiving Lunch for all 4th grade classes
  • Tuesday – Friday, November 13 – 16- Book Fair
  • Wednesday-Friday, November 14-16-Students should bring lunch from home
  • Thursday- November 15- Report Cards go home
  • Wednesday-Friday, November 21-23 – Thanksgiving Break
  • Friday, November 26- FLE Parent Preview Night 6:30-7:30
  • Thursday, November 29- Jamestown Field Trip