November 11, 2018

November Newsletter for 3rd Grade


Language ArtsThe third graders have wrapped up their unit on characters and will be diving into nonfiction texts. Students will learn about nonfiction text features, dictionary skills, and finding the main idea of nonfiction stories. Students will connect this with their writing by creating a nonfiction writing piece to highlight their knowledge!


Math In math students are currently learning about fractions including naming fractions, finding fractions of a group, and comparing fractions. After students wrap up fractions they will be jumping into geometry! Our geometry unit consists of 2D and 3D shapes, patterns, angles, and more!


ScienceOur lady bugs have completed their lifecycle! We are finishing up learning about different types of ecosystems including forests, rainforests, oceans, and swamps! Students will wrap up this science unit this month.


Social StudiesWe are beginning to start world geography, including locating and naming the continents and oceans as well as labeling the equator and prime meridian. Third graders will also take a closer look at each countries characteristics including mountains, bodies of water, and other important landforms.  



Tip for 3rd  à As the weather gets colder it is important that the students come to school with warm clothes so they can stay warm at recess!


Upcoming Dates

Nov 5-6: Student Holidays

Nov 7: Student of the Month Award Ceremony

Nov 12: Veteran’s Day Celebration

Nov 13-16: Thanksgiving Lunches & Book Fair 

Nov 13: Family Night at the Book Fair

Nov 15: Report Cards go home

Nov 21-23: Thanksgiving holiday

Nov 28: Picture Retakes