November Sixth Grade Update

Monthly News- 6th Grade
November 01, 2020

Grade 6 November Newsletter

PDF of Grade 6 Newsletter

Language Arts

 This month’s activities will involve the genre of fiction. In this unit, students will evaluate characterization, author’s purpose and consider multiple points of view within a text. Written response to literature will require students to cite evidence from the text. Book clubs may begin soon, to allow students to discuss/share their thinking.

Social Studies

The students will continue learning about the motivations for, obstacles to, and land claims of the Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English Explorers. They are gaining an understanding of cultural and economic interactions between Europeans and American Indians to analyze what led to cooperation and conflict.

 We will then begin the West Africa Empires unit, in which our focus will be on Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. Students will evaluate their importance and the role they played in the exploration of the Americas.

Math 6 

Currently, students are learning the operations of fractions and decimals, The main focus is multiplication and division, incorporating addition and subtraction as review. From there, we will build on those basic concepts to understand how to work with mixed numbers and practical problems that involve all concepts taught.

Math 7 

We will be finishing our study of proportional reasoning during the first two weeks of November.  We will then begin a study of The Real Number System and Exponents. Students should be reviewing multiplication facts and perfect squares, independently, during this time.


We will be wrapping up our Astronomy Unit which has included a study of our solar system, to include: planets, gravity, phases of the moon, seasons and tides. Our next unit of study will involve the properties of water and elements.