November Second Grade Newsletter

Monthly News - 2nd Grade
November 09, 2020

November Second Grade Newsletter

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This month, students will continue to study characters. Students will learn how to identify internal character traits and how to use evidence from the text to support their thinking. 

Continue to encourage your child to ask questions about the character or lesson learned. For example, do characters always learn something or change in stories? How is the character’s perspective similar or different than mine?


This month, we will wrap up our writing unit on personal narrative (also known as “small moments”). 

Students have learned how to gather writing ideas by reflecting on their own daily personal experiences. Now, they will learn how to edit and revise their drafts using both revising and editing checklists. Students will select one of their drafts to publish, make a cover, and share.


This month, students will continue to work on reading, writing and identifying the place and value of digits in a 2 digit number with and without models.

We will also begin Unit 4. In this unit students will be learning to estimate sums and differences. 

Students will also be learning to solve one and two step story problems using addition and subtraction.

Finally, we will also be practicing measurement skills, like estimating length and weight to the nearest inch and pound. 

Important Dates

November 11: Veterans Day (Early Release)

November 25-27: No School (Thanksgiving Break)


Positivity Project

Throughout the month of November, students will learn about multiple character strengths. This includes perspective, bravery, and gratitude.

Here are some resources that you can view and share with your child.


Duck! Rabbit! - How do you think two people look at the same picture and see different things?


Singer Kaitlyn Maher -  How did Kaitlyn show bravery? How did her family help her to be brave?

Gratitude Week 1:

An Awesome Book of Thanks - What are some this book reminds us to be thankful for? Why is it important to show gratitude for the things around you?

Gratitude Week 2:

Those Shoes - What did Jeremy eventually learn about gratitude in this book? How did he show gratitude for Antonio for his kindness?

Social Studies

This month, students will be studying American Indians, specifically the Powhatans of the Eastern Woodlands. We will be learning about capital, natural and human resources and identifying examples of each. Finally, we will be learning about Veterans’ Day and Thanksgiving and why we celebrate these holidays.


This month, students will be learning about weather. We will be discussing the different types of weather we have on earth and learning about the characteristics of each. We will also be identifying patterns we notice with the weather.

Helpful Links For Additional Practice:


  • ST Math
  • Dreambox

Language Arts:

  • Imagine Language
  • MyOn

All of these websites can be found on the Sangster Student Links Page