November Grade 4 Newsletter

Monthly News - 4th Grade
November 09, 2020

November Fourth Grade Newsletter

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Reading & Writing 

book and pencilWe will focus on character development while reading and writing fiction stories. 

As Readers we will: 

  • consider the similarities and differences among characters within a text or across multiple texts.
  • consider how the author’s choices about language, setting, or character descriptions are important to the meaning of a story. 
  • summarize major events in a story.

As Writers we will: 

  • consider the message we want to share with our readers.
  • revise our stories by zooming in on important parts of the story and by using elaboration techniques.


Social Studies

As historians, we will use evidence from information sources to draw conclusions and make inferences, while also evaluating the sources and claims.

We will finish our study of Virginia’s Native Peoples and begin our next unit, Jamestown.  Students will apply historical thinking skills to demonstrate an understanding of  the first permanent English settlement in America at Jamestown.  They will consider how the geography, climate, and natural resources affected the way people lived in the Jamestown colony.  They will identify the roles of culture and power in the changing relationship between the Powhatan and English settlers. 



We will develop an understanding of the connections between fractions, decimals, and whole numbers.   


This month, our mathematicians will continue the Fractions: Part 1 unit.   They will compare and order fractions and mixed numbers, with and without models and they will represent equivalent fractions. 

Advanced Math: 

We will continue our work on fraction and decimal number sense.  Students will represent and identify equivalencies among fractions and decimals, with and without models.  They will compare and order fractions, mixed numbers,  and/or decimals, in a given set, from least to greatest and greatest to least. 



As scientists, we will investigate, model, and evaluate information about plants.

This month fourth graders will begin our Plant unit.  Students will explore the structure and function of plants and flowers and they will investigate photosynthesis and pollination.


Positivity Project

November 1-7:  Perspective 

November. 8-14: Bravery 

November 15-28: Gratitude


Important Dates:


Nov. 2 & 3: Student Holidays-  Teacher Workdays

Nov. 3:  Election Day

Nov. 11: Veteran’s Day-     2 hour early release 

Nov. 25-27: Thanksgiving Break

November is Native American Heritage Month 


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