November First Grade Newsletter

Monthly News- 1st Grade
November 09, 2020

First Grade November Newsletter

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This month, we will finish up our unit learning and thinking about characters. We have paid close attention to what the characters do, say and think in the stories that we have read. We have also thought about character traits to describe our characters after noticing these clues. 

Consider having your child read a fiction book with you. Can your child help you pick out clues from the story (focus on what the character does, says and thinks). After, can you and your child think of a character trait to describe the character.

We have also focused on how the main character often changes from the beginning to the end of a story. Can your child help you identify a change in a character after reading a fiction book?

We will complete a Critical Literacy Unit next. During this unit, we will think about the perspectives of others while reading fiction books.

FUNdations (Phonics)

Your first grader has completed unit 2 of FUNdations and is now beginning unit 3!

If you want to review taught skills with your child, you can access the Home Support Packet for Units 2 and 3 by clicking here and here

Have your child look for the following digraphs in the books that he or she is reading:sh, ch, th, ck, wh 

Ask your child to tell you the sound that these digraphs make.

Setting Up for Success

Falcon Time is an important part of our daily schedule. Please make sure that each day your child is checking the weekly schedule to see when he/she is meeting with the teacher. If your child is not meeting with a teacher, he or she should be logging in to Google Classroom to complete the activities on the Falcon Time Choice Board. First graders need to practice reading to self every single day to reinforce taught skills. Read to self should be done during this time. 


This month, our main focus during Math Workshop will be learning about how to add and subtract numbers in our Addition & Subtraction Unit. 

Students will be working on creating and solving single-step story and picture problems using addition and subtraction.

Students will also be able to recognize and describe with fluency part-whole relationships for numbers up to 10. 

Finally, students will learn about equality through the use of the equal sign. 

Consider playing a game at home or at the dinner table, where you take turns coming up with addition or subtraction word problems using items around you. Example: Blake eats 3 peas and 4 carrots. How many vegetables did she eat in all?

Social Studies

This month, we learned about how and why we vote for leaders. We also learned about how these leaders make contributions to their communities. 


This month, we will focus on learning about plants. We will study their life cycle and needs. 

We will also investigate and understand seasonal changes and how these changes affect plants. 

Consider going on a nature walk with your child. Can your child identify and explain any changes outside?

Upcoming Dates

November 11- Veteran’s Day (2 Hour Early Release)

November 25-27- Thanksgiving Break