November Fifth Grade Newsletter

Monthly News- 5th Grade
November 09, 2020

leavesNovember  Fifth Grade Newsletter

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owl reading bookOur 5th graders will continue to explore fictional stories, taking time to discuss character development, interpret the life lessons learned, and make connections to their own lives. Mrs. Oberdick will also be adding to our conversations on characters as she visits our classrooms again this month with stories on varied subjects, such as diversity and archeology.  We will also continue to explore our digital reading resources, but of course, we want our students to have reading experiences off of the computer, as well.  As a reminder, please keep in mind that kids’ magazines are great for independent reading, along with books from the county library or the Sangster library--and don’t forget to record  finished books in the “40 Book Challenge” log. 


As students continue to make inferences and synthesize information about fictional characters in their reading, they will be able to use those experiences to begin writing fiction of their own. Our 5th grade writers will be brainstorming story ideas--some based on their own experiences, and some with elements of fantasy. We’re looking forward to their creations!

Fall Family Fun 

Fall is a great time for family activities!  Here are some ideas for enjoying the season together.

  1. Go for a family hike or bike ride.
  2. Take photos of your findings on a Nature Scavenger Hunt
  3. Create something from items in nature--fall leaves, etc.
  4. Tell or read short stories by an outdoor/indoor fire.
  5. Use corn cobs for painting.
  6. Make apple fritters or apple cider donuts.
  7. Visit an apple orchard or pumpkin patch.
  8. Write letters or send artwork to someone you are grateful for in your life.

Important Dates:

Nov. 2:  Student Holiday- School Planning Day

Nov. 3:  Student Holiday- Teacher Workday- Election Day

Nov. 11: Veteran’s Day; 2-hour  Early Release

Nov. 25, 26, 27: Thanksgiving Holiday (No School)


Math 5

We will continue our work with fraction and decimal number sense this month.  Our Unit 2 assessment will take place just before Thanksgiving.  Watch your email for an exact test date.  The study guide is posted in your child’s Google Classroom. We will continue to grow our understanding of decimal place value, as well as learn how to convert fractions to decimals.  We are also looking at comparing fractions and decimals with visual models and without visual models.  If you have an opportunity, explore this website on visual fractions with your child. We’ll also be taking a look at it during our synchronous time.  Please continue to review multiplication facts at home.

Math AAP

We will continue to work on multi-step decimal word problems using all operations.  Resources, including videos and games, are posted in Google Classroom.  Next, we will work on solving multi-step word problems involving fractions and mixed numbers.  Please continue to review equivalent fractions at home, as well as multiplication facts.


Our 5th grade scientists will be wrapping up our Landforms unit in mid-November. This unit has enabled us to learn about the layers of the Earth, tectonic plates and boundaries, the rock cycle, weathering, and erosion. We’ll be starting our second science unit this month as we begin to explore ”Oceans”!

Social Studies 

Ancient civilizations are an area of focus for 5th grade social studies.  Our introduction to conversations about culture will include creating a civilization of our own. Our unit on “The Dig” will be a creative look at cultural universals and civilization--artifacts included! 

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