September Updates: 5th Grade

September 18, 2018

Welcome back to school!  We are looking forward to a wonderful year with your child!  The students are quickly settling into the routine of school and are getting to know each other through our morning meetings and teamwork activities.  Back to School Night is fast approaching and we hope to see all of you there!

We are committed to establishing strong parent-teacher communication.  Should you ever have any questions about your child, the curricula, or just need to touch base, please feel free to contact us.

Here is an overview of some of the things that we have planned for your child this month.  

Math - 5th Grade

Math starts off with a quick unit identifying even and odd numbers and learning their characteristics.  Then we move quickly into identifying the characteristics of prime and composite numbers (less than or equal to 100). Unit 2 has students working with fractions and decimals, recognizing and naming fractions in their equivalent decimal form and vice versa. They will also distinguish between terminating and repeating decimals.  Students will also revisit rounding numbers but with decimals

And lastly, students will order a set of fractions and decimals in both ascending and descending order.  

Advanced Math - 6th Grade

The focus this month is on concepts related to integers, absolute value, exponents, and rational numbers. These concepts include investigating relationships among fractions, decimals and percents as well as computation using the order of operations.


In science, we begin by reviewing the Experimental Design Diagram.  Shortly after that, we will start our Landform Unit. In this unit students will investigate and understand how the Earth’s surface is constantly changing. They will also understand that matter is anything that has mass and takes up space; and occurs as a solid, liquid, or gas. They will also demonstrate understanding of the scientific reasoning and logic.  Throughout most of the units, students will continue to use experimental design..

Language Arts  

This year will start off with establishing norms and expectations for our Language Arts Workshop in order to build a community of readers and writers. Students will also work on building up their stamina for reading and writing over an extended period of time.  These skills are the foundation for making effective use of both student and teacher time over the course of the school year.

Social Studies

We will start off social studies with a unit on world geography.  This will include an exploration of the five themes of geography and how geography affects culture.  Students will also learn about the ten cultural universals, which will transition into our exploration of ancient cultures for the year.


Sept. 19: 3 Hour Early Release

Sept. 25: 4-6 Back to School Night-two sessions offered: 6:00-6:45 and 7:00-7:45

Sept. 26: Fall Pictures