September Monthly Updates- 4th Grade

September 14, 2018

September – 4th Grade Newsletter


Language Arts

     During the first month of school, we work to build a community of readers and writers by establishing reading and writing workshop.

The reading workshops serve the purpose of shaping students into passionate, independent readers. Students will understand that readers develop their own reading identities by discovering their needs, interests, and habits. They will engage with others in thoughtful discussions to develop ideas and perspective.

The writing workshops is purposeful, authentic, and joyful so that students think of themselves as writers who willingly write for a range of purposes in a variety of genres.  They will understand that writers do their best work when they write what they know, care about, and want to share with others.


Virginia Studies

This year our social studies curriculum is on the study of Virginia. In the first unit students will demonstrate an understanding of the physical geography of Virginia by locating and describing bordering states, five geographic regions, and major waterways.


Establishing routines that students can engage in throughout the year allows students to continually access mathematics content and deepen their mathematical understandings. These routines also provide opportunities to make connections to the real world and other content areas. In Grade 4, throughout the year routines include determining elapsed time; collecting, organizing, displaying, and interpreting data; and investigating numerical and geometric patterns.



Our Sangster Falcons are scientists! They will make observations and inferences throughout the year. The major units that will be studied this year are Virginia Ecosystems, Weather and Beyond, Magnetism and Electricity, Force and Motion, and Plants.