Monthly News - Kindergarten
September 06, 2019


    Welcome to our homepage! Please be sure to check back each month to see what’s happening in kindergarten. We are focusing on good citizenship to start the year. This involves taking turns, sharing, taking care of one’s own things and respecting the belongings of others. We will learn about rules to stay safe in school and on the bus.

     In Language Arts we will listen to stories and choral read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” to build phonological awareness and understand how print is organized. We will begin our study of lowercase letters and sounds while participating in a variety of literacy activities.

     In Math we will sort and classify objects according to attributes and learn math workshop routines. Students will learn about their five senses, shapes and colors, and how things change over time during our Science block.

Upcoming Event:

Sept. 3: K-3 Back to School Night-two sessions offered: 6:00-6:45 and 7:00-7:45