Kindergarten Blog- May Updates

Monthly News - Kindergarten
April 30, 2018

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Here’s what’s happening this month:

     In Language Arts we will meet daily in Guided Reading groups and participate in Daily Five stations. We will explore poetry and learn that readers talk with others about books.


    In Writer’s Workshop we will practice writing “Small Moments” stories and publish our final draft.

In Math we will finish our study of shapes and practice what we have learned in Guided Math Stations.

     We will learn about fractions and identify parts of a set or region that represent fractions for halves and fourths. The concept of equal parts will be explored.

In Science we will learn about what a plant needs to grow. We will plant a pumpkin seed, observe its growth and record observations in our Science Notebook. We will also notice patterns in nature.

   Kindergartners practice being good citizens in our classroom and community as part of our ongoing Social Studies objectives!

Upcoming Events:

May 28: Memorial Day Holiday-No school

June 1: Celebration of Learning 9:30 in classrooms-please mark your calendar for this special event!

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