January Third Grade Newsletter

Monthly News - 3rd Grade
January 08, 2021

Third Grade January Newsletter

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Third grade readers will continue building their nonfiction comprehension skills. This month they will stretch their critical thinking skills by making inferences to nonfiction texts. Third graders will think about their understanding of a text along with the author’s message to draw conclusions about what they read. This will also allow the students the opportunity to review and practice making predictions. Our third grade readers will also be working on making connections to what they are reading to everyday life. 



This month our third grade writing will connect to our reading of nonfiction text. The third graders will focus on showing their understanding of the main idea by writing headings along with concise summaries.


Third graders following the advanced curriculum will extend their knowledge of place value numbers as well as deepen their estimation skills. They will also apply this knowledge to solve multidigit addition and subtraction problems. Third graders following the general education curriculum will increase their understanding of multiplication and division using strategies and models. They are discovering how different approaches can strengthen their understanding. They will also start to work on their multiplication fact fluency skills.

Social Studies/Science

Third grade scientists are learning about several  of Earth’s cycles. The patterns in nature being focused on are day and night, seasons, moon phases, and the water cycle. Next they will discover the importance of renewable and nonrenewable resources.