January Specialist Spotlight

January 08, 2021

Specialist Spotlight

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Happy 2021 Sangster readers!! 

Did you read any great books over the break? Please share with us all with a short Fligrid video HERE. Looking for your next good book? Check out the videos from your peers for recommendations! 

Please note, curbside pickup is currently on hold.  Stay tuned for dates and updates soon. Until then, enjoy our diverse collection of eBooks on MackinVIA>

Counselors Corner

We are ready for new beginnings as we welcome 2021. In Kindergarten we are  practicing skills to keep us in the Green Zone - calm and ready to learn. 1st graders and 2nd graders continue emotion management with strategies to manage embarrassment, mistakes & anxious feelings. 3rd  grade will focus on appreciating differences, including different points of view. 4th graders will begin a unit that focuses on diversity and responding to the diversity we notice in the world. 5th graders will explore and practice coping with stress and strong emotions.


Special Note to 6th Grade Parents: Please see the Middle School Transition Events and Timeline and keep checking back on our counseling website for the most up to date information regarding your child’s preparation to transition to middle school.


Health and Physical Education classes will bring in the New Year, by identifying and examining ways to prevent diseases and promote healthy habits. In addition, all grade levels will be exploring different throwing and catching activities while using a variety of objects.

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2021!  


Happy New Year Falcons! This month in music we will continue to explore how musicians use patterns of sound to tell a story. We will continue to use and develop our music literacy skills as we identify patterns in song stories and compose our own musical stories. As we continue learning to read and write in music, please ensure students have writing supplies close by. Thanks!


Check out the Art Class Website to find information about ongoing art projects, extension activities, and how to turn in artwork. Ask your student to share their awesome Digital Portfolios or FlipGrid videos with you! Keep a lookout for Art Supplies in your next supply pick up day!


Feliz Año Nuevo! I hope you had a wonderful winter break :) 

This month we will continue working on describing houses (5th grade), and  the planet Earth (6th grade).  At the end of the month,  students  will be using  flipgrid to describe houses/planet Earth in the target language.


Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the Holiday Music your students played on their Family Recitals!  Now we are excited to learn many more things in the New Year!  All students are working on a Rhythm Project. All Beginners will learn the Bb Concert Scale and will continue learning in their Band Book. Advanced Students are expanding their ranges with lots on new notes! We will also be working on new Band songs!  Weekly assignments are posted in Google Classroom.  Enrichment classes are held every week to solidifying what we learned in Band Class. If you need any extra help please email me, @email and we can set up a help session during my Office Hours. I am always happy to help anyone!


We are excited to start the New Year in Strings! We are breaking new ground and learning new things in every grade! 4th graders have started playing with their bow and we will continue to work on strengthening their bow technique.  In 5th grade, we are learning new notes, and starting to play on the G string for the first time. In 6th grade, we will begin playing pieces in new keys, and focusing on recognizing and performing more complex rhythms. 

Enrichment classes are still  going on for every instrument in every grade level, each week. These are a great way for students to receive extra instruction on their instrument.


Welcome back and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope you enjoyed Hour of Code in the month of December with your child.  Links to the Hour of Code choice boards can always be found on the Google Site!  As we move into January, please make sure your child has access to writing supplies (pencil, crayons, markers), paper and tape.  Everything we do can be accomplished with these simple supplies.  We are focusing a lot on creativity and allowing students to use materials around them to complete tasks.  Thanks for your support!