January Second Grade Newsletter

Monthly News - 2nd Grade
January 06, 2021

Second Grade January Newsletter

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Important Dates

January 18: No School MLK Day

January 20: No School Inauguration Day

January 22: Quarter Ends 2 Hour Early Releas



This month, we will continue our Nonfiction Reading Unit.  During class, students will learn how nonfiction readers study and ask questions before, during, and after reading to learn more about a given topic. Students will learn how to read and use nonfiction text features such as a table of contents, headings, and glossary to learn more about a topic.  

At the end of January, we will begin our next reading unit on Poetry. Students will learn how poems are constructed and how poetic tools reveal images, evoke feelings, and produce sounds to create a message for the reader to interpret.


This month, we will continue our Nonfiction Writing Unit with “All About” books. Students will learn how to select a topic of interest that they already know a lot about, how to write a book to teach others about their topic, and how to organize their books and incorporate nonfiction text features. Remind your child to check over his/her writing for neatness and correct punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. Later in the month, we will focus more on writing conventions and parts of speech.


This month students will continue Unit 4. Students will practice rounding two-digit numbers to the nearest ten and estimating sums and differences. 

Students will also be learning how to solve one and two-step story problems using addition and subtraction.

Social Studies

This month, we will conclude our study of American Indians, specifically the Lakotas of the Great Plains and the Pueblo of the Southwest. Students have learned about the climate and the environment they lived in and how that impacts the way they lived.


This month, we will begin our next science unit on weather. Throughout the unit, students will develop their understanding of the different types of weather on Earth and the importance of weather data collection.

Positivity Project

Throughout the month of January, students will learn about multiple character strengths. This includes optimism, prudence, and perseverance.

As a reminder, The site P2 For Families (password P2) is live and available for connecting P2 to students’ homes. It is differentiated for grades Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Each character strength follows a 1-1-3 model: 1 quote, 1 video, and 3 questions to drive conversations around character at home.

Helpful Links for Additional Practice


  • ST Math
  • Dreambox

Language Arts:

  • Imagine Language
  • MyOn

All of these websites can be found on the Sangster Student Links Page