January Monthly Updates: Fifth Grade

Monthly News- 5th Grade
January 18, 2019

Welcome to 2019!  We hope you enjoyed the winter break and are ready to get back to work.  The team is looking forward to beginning the new year with many exciting activities!

As we move quickly towards the end of the second quarter, we continue to be committed to establishing strong parent-teacher communication.  Should you ever have any questions about your child, the curricula, or just need to touch base, please feel free to contact us.

Here is an overview of some of the things that we have planned for your child this month.  


This month students will continue their unit on equations, properties, fraction and decimal computation and order of operations. Students have been using numerical expressions, as well as hands-on models, to apply their knowledge of properties and operations. In our upcoming unit students will explore patterns and relationships.


In January, we'll be making estimates and actual measurements of length, mass, temperature, and volume using the metric system and proper tools.  We will also design investigations related to physical characteristics of the ocean such as density and salinity.  Ocean currents, tides, and waves will also be studied.  It will be a month full of hands-on activities and should be lots of fun!

Language Arts    

Students will continue working on the writing process including the four square method of brainstorming, creating drafts, editing, revising, and completing a final, multi-paragraph essay.  Students should be practicing their typing skills as well.  We will be continuing our genre study by exploring new types of fiction, memoirs, nonfiction, and building on the foundation of media literacy and persuasion.  Please remember to have your students read every night for at least 20 minutes and complete their weekly reading logs. 

Social Studies

We will be continuing our study of ancient cultures.  Students will learn about the contributions, inventions, government, and other universals regarding the development of ancient cultures and compare it to modern day society.  Students will begin practicing their research skills for the Global Awareness Technology Project in the spring.

Important Dates to Remember:

Monday, January 7:  Return from Winter Break

Monday, January 21:  Return from Winter Break

Thursday, January 24:  End of Second Quarter

Friday, January 25:  Student Holiday, Teacher Workday