January Fifth Grade Newsletter

Monthly News- 5th Grade
January 08, 2021

Fifth Grade January Newsletter

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Important Dates

Mon. Jan. 18: No School-- MLK, Jr. Day

Wed. Jan. 20: No School-- Inauguration Day

Fri. Jan. 22: Two-hour early release; end of the second quarter

Fri, Jan 25: Teacher Workday-- Student Holiday

Happy New Year!

Our 5th grade team wishes you much hope and happiness for the year ahead!  Our students have also expressed their hopes for the coming year.  Here’s a sampling of a few 2021 goals from our students!

  • “We should all work together to end Covid.”
  • “I want to learn something new every day!”
  • “My word for 2021 is Positivity!”


Why do we read nonfiction, and how do we evaluate it? As we begin a new calendar year, our 5th graders will be exploring these questions, as well as others.  We’ll be diving deeper into nonfiction and giving students an opportunity to talk with each other about what they have learned.  We’ll also look at how new information can deepen our understanding of various topics and develop points of view.  Do you have areas of interest that you’re passionate about?  Try sharing them with your child and learn something new about it together!


Students will also have an opportunity to practice writing both expository and narrative nonfiction.  We’ll be learning various aspects of research and how to organize pieces of information for an essay or story.  We’re especially looking forward to discovering new information and then sharing it with others to hear their perspectives.

Math 5

As we pick back up with our study of whole number computation, we will dive into multiplication and look at the traditional algorithms for multiplying larger numbers. We will then move into division--exploring how multiplication and division are related, and working with the long division algorithm.  Order of operations will be included, as well as an emphasis on creating and solving multi-step story problems.  Please continue to encourage your children to meet their ST Math goals and  practice math facts, if needed.

Math AAP

We will start the new year reviewing positive rational numbers and focus on ordering and comparing them.  We will then move on to integers and see how they fit into the real number system.  Students will have opportunities to identify, represent, order and compare positive and negative integers.  Students are encouraged to review Unit 1 activities such as the “Fab 15” conversations of fractions, decimals, and percents. Please continue to encourage daily practice in ST Math.


Our fifth grade scientists continue to explore the wonder of our oceans. This month we’ll be looking at ocean salinity, ocean zones and ocean currents. Look for information coming soon regarding our assessment on this unit.

Social Studies

We have completed “The Dig”, and our students did an amazing job of creating their own civilization and culture.  We had wonderfully creative artifacts from places we would all like to visit! :-) Our study now moves on to real, ancient civilizations and their connections to the present, focusing on ancient China. 

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