Grade 6 December Update

Monthly News- 6th Grade
December 03, 2019

Language Arts— We will continue to explore a variety of texts such as non-fiction passages, poems, and short stories while reviewing strategies for increasing our comprehension.  We will focus on critical literacy this month as we explore point of view and persuasive writing.


6th Grade Math - We are finishing up our unit on integers. We will then solve practical integer problems using models, number lines, and computation. 

Advanced Math – We are working on writing and evaluating algebraic expressions and solving one step linear equations.

Science— We are continuing with our Weather unit as we investigate and describe the patterns of weather including weather fronts and cloud formations.

Social Studies— We will begin our unit on Colonial America. We will identify the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern colonies. We will discuss the reasons the colonies were established as well as explore the possible theories of Roanoke, the lost colony. 

In the Know

12/12 – Interims sent home

12/16-20 – FLE

12/19 – 12:20-1:20 – Winter Party

12/23-1/3 – Winter Break

We also want to remind parents to check the temperature with their child!  If the temperature is below 40 degrees, please remind them to dress warmly by wearing long pants, closed toed shoes, and coats (maybe some hats and mittens too!).