Grade 5 November Update

Monthly News- 5th Grade
November 04, 2019

The first quarter ends on November 1st, and we will begin the second quarter after Election Day! It will be a busy month with school-wide events planned for Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving Day activities as well as the distribution of the 1st quarter report cards in mid November.

We continue to be committed to establishing strong parent-teacher communication. Should you ever have any questions about your child, the curricula, or just need to touch base, please feel free to contact us.

As a quick reminder, students will be off from November 4 to November 5th for conferences and Election Day, and then again from November 27 to November 29 due to the Thanksgiving holiday break.

Here is an overview of some of the things that we have planned for your child this month.

Important Dates

  • Friday, November 1: · End of 1st quarter
  • Monday, November 4 and Tuesday, November 5: Teacher Workdays,  No school for students
  • Wednesday, November 6:  2nd quarter begins
  • Friday, November 8: Dress as Your Favorite Book Character
  • Monday, November 11:  Veteran’s Day, wear red, white, and/or blue!
  • Week of November 19: Thanksgiving lunch in the café
  • Thursday, November 14: Report cards go home
  • Friday, November 15:  Fall Picture Retakes
  • Wednesday, November 27 thru Friday, November 29: Thanksgiving Holiday, No school



Students will continue to apply their understanding of properties, fraction and decimal number sense concepts, and computation in order to solve multistep problems. Students will add and subtract decimal numbers and solve practical problems with decimals that involve both single and multiple steps. Please continue to work with your child on practicing and internalizing math facts on a daily/weekly basis. Some classes will focus on fraction and decimal computation, with an emphasis on addition and subtraction, and explore the identity property of multiplication..

6th Grade Math After wrapping up fraction and decimal computation, students will be studying rational numbers and exponents. In this unit, students explore these values on the number line. They will also be able to interpret absolute value. Finally, students will represent patterns with exponents and perfect squares.

Science In science, we will be moving into our Oceans Unit. We will investigate the geological, physical, and ecological characteristics of the ocean as well as the human impact on the Earth’s surface. We will learn about atoms, molecules, elements, compounds, mixtures, and solutions. As always, we will also continue to use experimental design. 

Facts of the Month Did you know that because the Indian Ocean lies within the tropics it has the warmest surface ocean temperature? Did you know that the Silk Road connected Ancient Rome and Ancient China allowing goods and customs to change hands? Did you know that the Chinese have used chopsticks for over 4,000 years?

Language Arts This month students will show their understanding of figurative language on Figurative Language Day by  dressing up and presenting a figurative language phrase to their class on Friday, November 1st. We will continue to build on other reading comprehension skills and strategies in both fiction and nonfiction texts. Our students are growing as authors by using the writing process, refining grammatical practices, and learning how to elaborate and persuade.

Social Studies Looking at the past in relation to the modern world, students will next demonstrate their understanding of  how the people and events of the past have impacted our modern world through their exploration of one of the following Ancient cultures: · Mesopotamia · India · China Students will show their understanding of how geography affects culture. They will also identify the many cultural universals, contributions of ancient cultures, and their impact on our system of government.