Grade 4 October update

Monthly News - 4th Grade
October 01, 2019

Language Arts

As we move into the month of October, students will develop understandings (or theories) about human experience by evaluating character development, author’s craft, and themes. They will make inferences based on evidence and reason. Students will search for deeper understanding of theories through thoughtful discussion. They will expand their vocabulary by using context clues and through an understanding of roots, affixes, synonyms, antonyms, and homophones.

During Writer’s Workshop students will begin writing in a new genre, personal essay. Personal essays are a form of creative nonfiction in which writers explore a big idea that interests them based on personal experience or a personal opinion about a topic. Students will begin by generating a thesis and then work to explore that thesis in the essay.


This month, our mathematicians will wrap up their learning of place value and computation (of addition and subtraction) and will transition into the fractions unit. Students will be comparing, ordering, and finding equivalent fractions. They will also link fractions to division and will work to find multiples and factors of numbers.

Advanced Math

This month, we will continue with our rational number sense unit.  Students are exploring the relationship between fractions and decimals, comparing them, and ordering them. The calculator is introduced as a mathematical tool for these skills.

All of our fourth graders will be applying their math skills to real-world problem solving situations. We want our students to recognize math as an important tool in their daily lives, not just a subject in school.

Virginia Studies

After studying Virginia’s diverse geography throughout its five regions, we will learn about the Eastern Woodland tribal groups of Virginia; the Powhatan, Monacan and Cherokee tribes. Students will consider how a dependence on the environment shaped the culture and lifestyle of the Eastern Woodlands Indians.  We will explore how the findings of archaeologists help us to understand people and events of the past.


Students will continue to explore Virginia Ecosystems. They will learn about natural resources, watersheds, and plants and animals native to Virginia. This unit will continue throughout the first quarter. Throughout the year they will practice applying science process skills, including making observations and inferences.

Upcoming Dates

  • October 3: Interims Come Home
  • October 14: No School (Columbus Day)
  • October 18: Field Day
  • October 23: Kennedy Center Field Trip
  • October 24: Math Night


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