Grade 4 March Update

Monthly News - 4th Grade
February 27, 2020

March Newsletter: Fourth Grade

Language Arts

This month students will continue our Critical Literacy Unit. In this unit, students will have the opportunity to compose reviews of their choice about restaurants, movies, television shows, toys, video games, and more. In order to write persuasively, students will craft claims and state specific evidence to support and elaborate on these claims. By studying and analyzing persuasive reviews, students learn how to craft a compelling review that considers their intended audience.


Students will explore fractions by expanding their knowledge of how to add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators. Towards the end of the month, they will begin to explore geometric concepts by investigating the attributes of figures and lines.

The Advanced Math Students will move into the Measurement Unit. Students will measure length, weight and mass, and volume. They will use both the U.S. customary system and the metric system. Students will derive and use formulas to find perimeter and area of squares, rectangles, right triangles, and the volume of rectangular prisms. In addition, students will learn strategies for calculating elapsed time.

Virginia Studies

During the month of March, students will study the Civil War. They will gain an understanding of the issues that divided our nation.  They will explore the major events and differences between the northern and southern states. They will also learn about Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, John Brown, and Abraham Lincoln’s roles during this time period.


This month students will continue the Electricity and Magnetism unit. Students will have the opportunity to engage in many hands-on learning. Students will create a series circuit, a parallel circuit, and will experiment with electromagnets. They will explore energy transformations, conductors and insulators, and magnetic fields. 


Mark Your Calendars:

  • March 2nd - March 6th - National Reading Week & Spirit Week

  • March 3rd - No School for Students