Grade 4 February Update

Monthly News - 4th Grade
January 31, 2020

February Newsletter: Fourth Grade


Language Arts

At the start of a new month and a new quarter, students will continue to read and analyze historical fiction texts and consider how these historical time periods help them better understand the world around them. Our fourth grade students will also begin a Critical Literacy Unit. They will examine, analyze, and evaluate the underlying ideas in texts. They will ask questions such as: What is the author’s perspective? What does the author want me to believe or do? What information did the author include to influence me? 

The writing goal this month will be to write a persuasive paragraph. Students will use techniques of persuasive reviews such as catchy titles, compelling leads, and convincing supporting evidence.


This month we will come back to Multiplication and Division (Part 2). Students will develop their own strategies and algorithms for multiplying and dividing large numbers.  Students in Advanced Math will begin a new unit, Algebraic Reasoning.  In this unit, students will explore the language of algebra as they learn the meaning of variables, expressions, and equations. Students will use tables, words, and symbols to describe and express relationships found in number patterns as well as use concrete materials, pictures and tables to identify, describe, and extend numerical patterns.

Virginia Studies 

During the month of February, students will move into an exploration of our New Nation. In this unit, students will apply historical thinking skills to demonstrate an understanding of the challenges faced by Virginia and the new nation as they explore the historical development of the ideas of George Mason, Thomas Jefferson, and the Constitutional Convention.


This month our 4th grade scientists will explore electricity and magnetism. Using hands-on science, students will learn to inquire, observe, relate cause-and-effect associations, collect and record information, and investigate problems concerned with electricity.  In addition, they will describe a system in terms of its component parts and their interactions.

Mark your Calendars:

  • Thursday, February 6: Report Cards go home
  • February 17: No School, Presidents’ Day
  • February 28: Virginia Studies Day