Grade 4 December Update

Monthly News - 4th Grade
December 01, 2019

Language Arts

This month students will explore the different reasons for reading nonfiction. They will think critically about a topic or issue and revise their understanding based on new facts and different perspectives. As they read, they will consider the author’s perspective and how the choices the author makes impact the main idea of the text being read. Through discussions with others, students will develop their ideas and deepen their understanding of nonfictional texts.

The writing goal this month will be to write a nonfiction piece that presents an angle or specific perspective, about a topic of interest. Students will plan the content and organization of the entire piece and each section to help readers develop an understanding of their topic.



During the month of December, students will wrap up the multiplication unit by creating and solving single-step and multistep practical problems involving multiplication and division with and without remainders. We will then shift over to our decimals unit. Students will begin to identify decimals to the thousandths place, compare and order decimals, then learn how to add and subtract them. They will then consider how the strategies used to compute with whole numbers relates to computing with decimals.

Advanced Math

Advanced math students will begin our Decimal Computation Unit this month. Students will consider how the strategies used to compute with whole numbers relates to computing with decimals.  They will solve single and multistep practical problems involving addition and subtraction with decimals. 


Social Studies

Students will study Colonial Life in Virginia during December. They will explore how the culture of Colonial Virginia reflected the origins of American Indians, European Immigrants, and Africans. They will study how the economy shaped the identity and behaviors of groups of Virginians.



The students will continue to act as scientists by making distinctions among observations, conclusions, inferences, and predictions.  As we complete the Solar System unit, students are focusing on understanding the earth-moon-sun system and the causes of the earth’s seasons.  We will introduce the second part of this quarter’s unit, Weather. 


Important Upcoming Dates

  • Tuesday, December 3rd: Jamestown Field Trip
  • Wednesday, December 18th : Human Growth & Development lesson
  • Friday, December 20th: Winter Party 2:00-3:00