Monthly News - 3rd Grade
September 10, 2019

Soaring into 3rd Grade!

Language Arts—3rd Graders are working on implementing their Daily 5 workshop. This includes Read to Self, Working on Writing, Listening to Reading, Read to Someone, and Word Work. Additionally, students will dive into their first writing unit — narrative writing.

Math— Our 3rd Grade Mathematicians are working hard on place value, estimation, adding and subtracting, and word problems. By the end of the month students will start their first unit of multiplication and division – including using models and number lines to demonstrate their understanding.

Science— Unit 1 in Science is “Ladybugs” in which 3rd Grade Scientists will be learning about habitats, ecosystems, and food chains. Our ladybugs should arrive to Sangster before the end of September!

Social Studies—We begin the year by talking about civics and what it means to be a good citizen. Students will also discuss the difference between rules and laws, different types of government, and learn about diversity.

3 “Take Homes” for 3rd

  1. When you child is reading at home, ask them follow up questions to further their thinking and ensure they are comprehending their book choice.
  1. Sangster will continue to implement Morning Meeting this year. This is a great way to build classroom community and personal relationships. Morning Meeting takes place every morning and consists of four parts. The four parts to morning meeting are 1) Greeting, 2) Share, 3) Activity, and 4) Morning Message. Can your child share what each of these means?
  1. Fridays are Sangster Spirit Days!  Wear your blue and yellow or any Sangster spirit wear!