Grade 3 October Update

October 01, 2019

Language Arts—The 3rd graders will build their reading skills by practicing making predictions and asking questions while reading. Our Readers are working on understanding characters and exploring the ways characters change over the course of a story. As Writers they are learning to connect what they know about sequence words to aid comprehension in their narrative writing.  This month, 3rd graders will continue with their narrative writing unit and will explore the importance of using detail words while writing.

Math— Students wrapped up our unit on addition and subtraction at the beginning of the month. Our Mathematicians are beginning to learn about multiplication and division using models including arrays, pictures, and number lines!  Students are not expected to know their multiplication facts at this point in the year.

Science— Our lady bugs have arrived!! Our 3rd Grade Scientists (and their teachers 😊) are so excited to have live specimens in our classrooms.  This month we will watch as our lady bugs go through metamorphosis. Our observations will help us understand the behavioral and physical adaptations of ladybugs, as well as the lifecycle of ladybugs.

Social Studies—As we wrap up our civics unit, we look forward to our study of geography and map skills.  We will explore the concepts of movement and migration along with the ways people are dependent on their environment and how they adapt or change to adjust to their environment. 

Important Dates:

10.2.19 - Walk to School Day

10.10.19 - PTA Meeting, 7 pm

10.18.19 - Field Day (3rd Grade Field Day is 1:30-3:00)

10.24.19 - Math Family Night, 6:30 pm