Grade 3 November Update

Monthly News - 3rd Grade
November 06, 2019

Language Arts—The 3rd graders will build their reading skills by exploring the genre of non-fiction. Our Readers are working on understanding the author’s message and determining what the author believes is true.  They will focus on how what they read impacts their thinking.  As Writers, 3rd Graders are focusing on planning, organizing and revising their writing to communicate a clear purpose through non-fiction writing. 

Math— Students wrapped up our unit first unit on fractions. Our Mathematicians are continuing to learn and explore the concept of fractions.  We will expand our base from Unit 2 and add in other ways to compare fractions through addition and subtraction.  

Science— Our 3rd Grade Scientists will be exploring the Earth’s cycles this month!  Get ready to hear all about natural patterns and cycles, energy resources and the effects of mankind on our natural resources!  This is a wonderful unit during Fall in Northern Virginia – we have so many opportunities to explore these concepts in our own backyard.   

Social Studies—We will begin our study of geography and map skills by exploring the concepts of movement and migration along with the ways people are dependent on their environment and how they adapt or change to adjust to their environment. 

Important Dates:

November 8 – Dress As Your Favorite Book Character Day November 11 – Veteran’s Day Celebration November 15 – Fall Picture Retakes November 18-22 – Book Fair November 19-22 – Thanksgiving Lunches November 27-December 1 – Thanksgiving Vacation