Grade 3 March Update

Monthly News - 3rd Grade
March 04, 2020

Math –

3rd Grade Mathematicians will continue their second unit of fractions and expand their knowledge by learning how to add and subtract fractions and understand mixed numbers and improper fractions.  After fractions, they will take another look at multiplication and division and focus on the relationship between the operations while learning how to compose and decompose numbers.

Language Arts -

In Language Arts we are working on nonfiction comprehension skills and test taking strategies while reading. Students will continue to work on a research project that ties into Social Studies or Science curriculum. Students will be creating a google slide presentation, poster, or final product to summarize their research! After our research unit we will begin learning about biography/autography and then poetry!  

Social Studies

- Our Historians are deepening their knowledge of ancient civilizations by continuing their study of Ancient Egypt, followed by Ancient China. Students will learn about the geography, resources, contributions, and economics of each civilization.

Science –

Our 3rd Grade Scientists are exploring the importance of soil!  Turn your Sangster Soil Scientist loose in your own backyard for a lesson on soil conservation, soil health, or soil components!

March Dates

  • March 1 – Sangster Paint Night PTA fundraiser – learn more and sign up here.
  • March 2nd - March 6th - National Reading Week & Spirit Week:
  • March 2nd - Wear Your Favorite Color Spirit Day
  • March 3 – Student Holiday/Teacher Workday
  • March 4th - Wear the Name of a Place Spirit Day
  • March 5th - Wear Something with Stars Spirit Day
  • March 6th - Wear Your Favorite PJs Spirit Day/Flashlight Day
  • March 12 – PTA meeting at 9:15 am in the Sangster Library
  • March 19 – Third Grade Mount Vernon Field Trip           
  • March 26 – Sangster Science Fair