Grade 3 January Update

Monthly News - 3rd Grade
January 08, 2020

3rd Grade Updates


We hope everyone had a relaxing winter break! After returning for break, we will wrap up the second quarter. As the weather continues to get colder please make sure you are sending your child to school with a jacket and a hat or gloves if it is cold! We will have recess if it 32 degrees or warmer!

Language Arts—

3rd Grade Readers are continuing to work on understanding functional texts including advertisements, fliers, recipes, and directions. Students are continuing to work on nonfiction writing as well. Third graders will begin working on critical literacy in book clubs this month.


In math, our Mathematicians are wrapping up their second unit of multiplication and division. We will also begin our second unit of addition and subtraction, and in this unit students will work on place value with up to 6 digit numbers and addition and subtraction of up to 4 digit numbers. Students will also work on counting, comparing, and making change with money. Please help reinforce their skills by helping you pay for things at the store, or working with their allowance :)


Our Scientists are currently studying Earth cycles. This will include the student of the natural cycles (moon cycle, seasons, tides, day/night, water cycle), energy resources, and the effects of human influence.  There are lots of opportunities for them to show off their skills to you after school - just ask them to show you what they know!

Social Studies—

We just wrapped up world geography in which we learned about continents, oceans, and geography vocabulary. Our Historians will begin to study Ancient Egyptian culture including learning about pyramids, social hierarchies, and what daily life was like for an Egyptian.


Upcoming Dates

January 9 – PTA Meeting at 7:00 pm in the Sangster Library

January 20 – Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday – School Holiday

January 22 – PTA fundraiser at Panera from 4-8 pm – Please mention Sangster ES when you order.

January 24 – Second Grading Period Ends

January 27-28 – Student Holidays

February 17 – George Washington’s Birthday/Presidents’ Day – School Holiday