Grade 3 February Update

Monthly News - 3rd Grade
January 31, 2020


3rd Graders are hard at work this month! Mother Nature has seen to it that we get more instructional days than we usually do this time of year, and that means more time for learning and growing together!

Language Arts —

Having covered non-fiction reading and writing earlier this year, 3rd Graders are taking their skills and focusing on content area research. In this unit, students will create a research project that will combine what they are learning in either Science or Social Studies with their Language Arts curriculum. Students will learn how to read, research, and write about their topic of interest and then share their findings with their classmates.

Math —

Our Mathematicians are wrapping up their second unit of addition and subtraction. Up next, students will dive into a unit on measurement to include capacity, mass, time, temperature, and length. All of these are fun concepts to reinforce at home through cooking, crafts or home improvements!

Science —

As Scientists, 3rd Graders are ready to “dig in” to their new unit on Soil! Take your Scientist out into your own backyard and have them educate you on the importance of soil, soil conservation, erosion and ways to help prevent erosion.

Social Studies –

Stepping back in time, our Historians will study Ancient China and Ancient Greece by exploring the themes of geography, change over time, economics, the contributions of ancient civilizations and their influence on our modern day lives.

Upcoming Dates

  • February 8th - PTA Share the Love Event
  • February 11th - PTA Science Fair Info Night
  • February 12th - PTA Valentine Bingo Night
  • February 13th - PTA Meeting
  • February 14th – Valentine’s Day
  • February 17th – No School – President’s Day