Grade 3 December Update

Monthly News - 3rd Grade
December 03, 2019

Language Arts— 3rd Graders will continue to learn about nonfiction text features, dictionary skills, and finding the main idea of nonfiction stories. Writers will make connections to their own writing by creating a nonfiction writing piece to highlight their knowledge! We will also be working on comprehension skills with functional texts such as recipes, flyers, and advertisements.

Math— Our hard-working Mathematicians just wrapped up their geometry unit on 2D and 3D shapes, patterns, angles, and more! We are now spiraling back into multiplication and division. Students are working on learning and memorizing their multiplication times tables. We will also be learning how to multiply two digits by one digit.

Science— As Scientists, students will explore various Earth cycles this month. This will include the study of natural cycles (moon cycle, seasons, tides, day/night, water cycle), energy resources, and the effects of human influence on these cycles and our environment.

Social Studies— 3rd Grade students have been hard at work learning about world geography, including locating and naming the continents and oceans as well as labeling the equator and prime meridian. Students will also take a closer look at each country’s characteristics including mountains, bodies of water, and other important landforms.    

Upcoming Dates

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