Grade 2 February Update

January 31, 2020

2nd Grade Scoop

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  • Reading Essential Question:

    • What are the elements of Nonfiction books?

  • Comprehension Skill Focus:

    • I will read captions, diagrams, insets, and look at pictures to enhance my understanding

  • Reading Poetry is FUN



  • I can read my own writing to others with expression.

  • February is a perfect month to read and write poetry.



  • Standards covered:

    • Unit 5 Fractions

    • Unit 6: Building Base 10 Concepts Part 2

  • DREAMBOX- Keep using your Dream Box and keep up the terrific practice


Word Study

  • Word Study Skills

    • Contractions and compound words

    • As always focus on patterns in the words.



  • Writing Focus:

    • Continue “Writer’s Workshop” with non-fiction, personal narratives and poetry



  • Standards covered: Wondering About Weather

    • SCI G2.6 Continue to investigate basic types, changes, and patterns of weather

    • SCI. G2.7 Investigate and understand that weather and seasonal changes affect plants, animals, and their surroundings



Social Studies

  • Standards covered:  Economics and Famous Americans



  • Holidays and Days off this month

    • Black History Month

    • Saturday, Feb 8th: PTA Share The Love

    • Tuesday, Feb 11th: Science Fair Info Session 5-7:30

    • Friday, Feb 14th: Valentines Day card exchange

    • Monday, Feb 17th: Presidents’ Day, No School

    • Friday, Feb. 21st: Yearbook Sales End (for more information, see Sangster News You Choose