Monthly News- 1st Grade
September 09, 2019

Welcome to first grade! Check back in each month to see what we are doing!

We started the year discussing how we can be good citizens at home, school, and in our communities. We are learning how we can be respectful, responsible, honest, helpful, and a good sport. We are also understanding the importance of having and following rules.

In literacy we are learning the different ways to read a book. We can read the pictures, read the words, and retell a known story. We are increasing our reading stamina so that we can become better readers. We are also learning how to pick good fit books! We are also having conversations about some of the things that we can write about and sharing our writings with others.

In math we have been counting different types of objects and recognizing patterns while we are counting. We are also learning that we can count backwards from thirty to zero. We are grouping items by sets of tens and ones. We are practicing using ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc.) and understanding that these positions relate to where each object is.

During science we are understanding that we can ask questions and make observations like a scientist! We are also learning how to record our observations. We will be classifying and sorting by different characteristics.

Upcoming Important Dates :

September 20 – Fall picture day