Grade 1 February Update

Monthly News- 1st Grade
January 30, 2020

Welcome to first grade! Check back in each month to see what we are doing!


First graders are learning to recognize the differences between fiction and realistic fiction this month. We are understanding that in realistic fiction books we will have a character, setting, and problem that could happen in real life, although it is not based on a true story. We will be building our own realistic fiction stories by creating our own characters with a problem and solution. We will be sharing these stories with others once they are completed.


In math we are working diligently on our addition and subtraction fluency up to sums of 10. We will practice these facts daily and are becoming more proficient! We will be continuing to understand how to compose and decompose numbers in a variety of ways. We will work on addition and subtraction story problems and will even be able to create our own by the end of the month!


During science we will be discussing mixtures. We will learn that solids have their own shape and that liquids feel wet and take the shape of the container they are in. We will have fun exploring how water is a liquid, but also becomes a solid when frozen.  During social studies we will be learning about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.


Upcoming Important Dates :

February 14 – Valentine’s Day

February 17 – President’s Day – No School