First Grade September Newsletter

Monthly News- 1st Grade
September 14, 2020

First Grade September Newsletter

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This month, our main focus during reading is to learn to independently follow the structures and routines of Reading Workshop.

Here are some strategies that we will be focusing on during our mini lessons.

As readers, we are also working on learning about and exploring different genres of books to determine what we like to read.

Consider sitting with your child and logging on to MyON. Ask your child which category of books interests them most and why. 



Throughout September, we are working to learn the structures and routines of Writing Workshop.

Our goal is to draw and write each day.

Consider looking through your child’s writing notebook with him/her and  asking about different entries. Do not worry about making corrections at this time. Instead, celebrate your child’s efforts and great ideas.  

FUNdations (Phonics)

Throughout First Grade, we will be using the phonics program, FUNdations to support your child’s reading and writing growth. We will have a FUNdations lesson every Tuesday-Friday.

Your child will also have access to FUNdations videos through his/her Google Classroom. These videos will provide strategies, visuals and tools that your child will be learning through the FUNdations program.

Setting Up for Success

  • Click here to view a video with tips for setting up your child’s workspace:



This month, our main focus during Math Workshop will be on counting and numbers. We will be doing a lot of work around counting forward from 1-30, writing the numerals 0 to 30 in and out of sequence and counting backwards orally by 1s from 30.

In addition, we will practice counting forward by ones, fives and tens. 

We will also learn how to group a collection of tens and ones when given a group of up to 30 objects.

We will discuss comparing two numbers 0-30 using manipulatives.


Consider viewing the video below to learn how to use the Virtual Math Manipulatives in our Google Classroom at home to support your child’s learning:

Video Virtual Math Manipulatives  

Helpful Math Links:


Social Studies

This month, we will be learning about the traits of a good citizen including: focusing on fair play, helping others and treating others with respect.


This month, we will focus on demonstrating an understanding of scientific and engineering practices. 

Your child will plan and carry out investigations. He/she will also interpret, analyze and evaluate data.


Upcoming Dates

Indigenous People’s Day- Student Holiday, October 12th